Tuesday, March 1, 2005

We had a very good day today. Jonathan is continuing to sleep well. He is still having trouble with crying during his therapy, but he is still able to do things they ask him to do. He is getting more strength in his left arm and is moving his legs more today. He tried to roll over on his own today and was able to do it with some help from his therapist. We had a very good visit with the neuropsycologist today. Usually he can only concentrate about 15 minutes and then gets agitated and has to stop. She told me yesterday that while the length of concentration time has not increased, the level of difficulty of the tasks has increased. So while he is able to concentrate during that 15 minutes, he is able to do the more difficult things she asks him to do. Today he was able to sit and concentrate and answer her questions for 25 minutes with minimal agitation. We were very proud. His occupational therapist said that she has to revise his goals every day because he is doing things so well. He remains content and talks better and better each day.
Please continue to pray for his agitation during his therapy. Pray for healing and peace in his mind and that he will be able to deal with his frustrations without getting severely agitated. Pray that he will remember to use his left arm and that he will continue to gain strength and mobility in that arm and his legs. It is awesome to see him move his legs. Pray that he will be able to concentrate when he needs to and will be able to work hard and do all that the therapist ask him to do. Also pray for his vision and his diabetes, that God will make both of those perfectly whole again as well. God is so good...He answers prayer...We praise His Name!

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