Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today was a good day for Jonathan. Dad went in for breakfast and therapy today while Mom went to a Diabetes 101 class at Children's Medical Center. Jonathan did well in all his therapy today. He walked a lot and climbed stairs from the 1st to the 2nd floor. He also got fitted for the braces he will wear on his feet to aid in his walking. During OT he played a game of Chutes and Ladders and "I Spy", all of which he did well. During his ST he remembered what he had for lunch, the day of the week, month and year the first time she asked. He looked at some cards and the therapist asked him to tell her what was the same and what was different about the pictures on the card. He also had a group time today and made a picture frame from a piece of leather and a back that he had to stitch together. The OT said he did very well with it. He also had lunch with his friends, they call it "Lunch Bunch", and did well with that also. The afternoon was restful and we took a walk. During the evening, Jonathan and Mom took a walk with the walker from the room, downstairs, through the gym and back up to his room, all with one sit break. We can see improvement and strength in his legs with each passing day.
God continues to hear and answer our prayers. Pray for continued strength and progress in his arms and with his walking. Continue to pray for peace of mind and a feeling of security while he finishes out his time there. He has a tendency to worry about Dad and Mom not being there at all times. Pray for continued healing of his brain, vision and diabetes. As Jonathan and I read this evening in his Awana book about people in Jesus day knowing He was the Son of God by the miracles he did, pray that people today will know that Jesus is the Son of God as they see this miracle of healing in Jonathan's life.

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