Monday, March 14, 2005

We had an awesome day today! Jonathan did such a great job all day long. First of all, he stood up at a table with his therapist and worked a puzzle, then he walked all the way down the parallel bars and back to his wheelchair (with his therapist's support of course). That was 20 feet! He did it all with very little crying too. He also did well in speech and OT. He is doing much better at sitting up and balancing. His speech and conversation is much stronger and clearer. Our week is filling up with new things for Jonathan to do. Tomorrow is the Snack Attack where he will be making pudding. It will be his first group activity with other kids. Wednesday he will have another group OT session, but I am not sure what that involves. Thursday, there is the potential for going on an outing with his little group and if he does okay with all of this, we will hopefully get to take him on an outing by the weekend, if approved by the doctor. Lamar came up this afternoon so that we could get approved on car transfers and learning how to use the standing frame. After we finished this, the physical therapist helped Jonathan walk on the parallel bars again, another 20 feet, for his Dad to see. We got this one on video! So Jonathan walked a total of 40 feet today! I can't express the joy that we feel seeing him standing and walking. What a miracle! Later on this evening, we had Jonathan stand in the standing frame for 45 minutes while his sisters and cousin entertained him with some gymnastics routines they have been learning.
We are so grateful for all of your prayers, but we need them now more than ever. Pray for continued strength and mobility for Jonathan. Pray for his frame of mind and attitude. Pray for continued healing of his brain, vision and diabetes. Pray that he will be motivated to work hard so that he can go home and not get discouraged because he can't. He will begin to cry at any moment just talking about wanting to go home. We are so excited about the possibility of being able to take him on an outing, but we need your prayers regarding this specifically. We need wisdom to know whether to take him home or not. We would love to take him home, but are afraid that it may do more harm than good for him to go home and not be able to stay. Pray that we will have wisdom and that God will send wise counsel to us so that we know what will be best for Jonathan. Continue to pray for our potty training. We are going to need patience and determination with this as well. God is so good!

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