Friday, March 18, 2005

We are nearing the end of another week of miracles. God has been good to show Himself strong on our behalf. Jonathan tried out two walkers today in PT and we have decided to try to start working with him on the silver, regular walker. He started out walking today with much determination. You can see that his legs are getting stronger every day. His knees are not buckling as easily and when he is determined, he does a great job. Unfortunately, he tires very easily and quickly which causes frustration, agitation and crying. At that point we have to fight to get him to do anything. He only has 30 minute therapy sessions so they have to push him to keep going, but it is so hard for him and very difficult on us. In order to use this particular walker, he really has to do most of the work himself, otherwise, he will fall, or someone will have to support most of his weight. We are going to continue working with this walker and as he gets better, hopefully we will be able to work with him in the evenings with this just as we are working with the standing frame. Jonathan continues to gain strength in his arms, but still struggles with the left side. He sat on the potty for me every time I asked him to without any complaining today. Although he did not do anything, he obeyed and had a great attitude about it. We were hoping to be able to take him on an outing this weekend but it doesn't look like that is going to be a reality. We have not been cleared by everyone yet and the orders have not been written for us to do that. We are disappointed to say the least. Hopefully we will be able to do that next weekend.
Please pray for continued miracles in Jonathan's life. Pray for strength and endurance for him as he continues to try to walk on his own. Pray for his agitation level, and that even when he is crying, he will be able to continue to work and persevere. Pray for patience for us as we wait for God to allow us to go home. This has been a very long week and it is very difficult to think of being here another 4 weeks. Pray that God will complete what needs to be done in this time so that on April 13, we will be able to come home instead of having to extend the stay. God's timing is never our timing, but it is always perfect. He will be faithful to carry us through. Thanks for the continued prayers.

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