Friday, March 25, 2005

Today was an awesome day for Jonathan. We started our day with OT and Dad and Jonathan played a game of toss with a big orange ball. After that he sat on a pad and shot some baskets with a smaller rubber ball and then at the end he stood up and with a beach ball we played another game of toss and some volleyball. He did well and only cried a little while using his left arm. He also did some push ups and his therapist asked him to do 5 and he decided to do 8. He did really well overall. After that we went outside for an Easter egg hunt. He started in his wheel chair with his speech therapist and then the physical therapist came and brought his walker. After collecting some eggs in the chair she had him stand up and walk in the grass over to some eggs. She had him bend all the way to the ground and pick up about 8 eggs off the ground (with some assistance of course). He did this very well and only cried toward the end. The therapist was pleased that he was able to walk in the grass without much trouble. All in all he collected 25 eggs. A little later in the day the PT came back and we walked on the walker another 65 feet and he did it without crying or getting upset. He asked to sit down for a Sit Break and then when he was ready, got back up and walked back to his room. Dad was there today and was released to work with him on the silver walker. His PT has officially graduated him from the walking device that we were using, to the silver walker. This was going to happen next week but he is doing so good that she went ahead and signed off on it. We spent the rest of the day just lounging and eating and taking walks (3 of our favorite pass times). He walked another 65 feet for mom as soon as she arrived today and then did another 65 feet around 8:30 pm. All of these he did without a hint of crying or agitation. He also told Dad 2 times today that he needed to go to the potty, held it until we got there and went. Mom and Dad were so excited and proud! He even changed his own shirt about 4 or 5 times today. Jonathan is very much into clothes and today we saw that come back. He had some visitors from Awana today and they gave him a shirt. He could not wait to get back to the room and try it on. He ended up wearing it the rest of the day. All I can say is that's our Jonathan. All in all we ended this week with many miracles. God has been so gracious to us and we cannot even begin to thank Him or praise Him enough for what He has done for our family. Even though the road has been hard and the way tough, God has been more than faithful and continues to be.
Pray that Jonathan will continue to progress and that we will be able to go home on April 13. Pray that Jonathan's strength will continue to increase and that he will be able to do all the things that he is doing now longer and better with each passing day. Pray for our family that we would find rest and peace. Pray that we would be content and wait until the day that the Lord allows us to come home. Praise the Lord from whom all blessing flow, Praise Him all creatures here below.

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