Wednesday, March 16, 2005

We continue to progress with each passing day. Jonathan went to two group sessions today on his own and did very well. He did Lunch Bunch in the play room with some of the other kids for 30 minutes, and an OT group for 1 hour with his two friends where he made a St. Patrick's Day craft. He worked on a lot of fine motor skills and did very well. He did well for speech and OT, but he did not do well during PT. We need you to really pray for Jonathan and us as we work through this agitation issue. It is difficult for us because he has never reacted in this way and Mom wants to see it and deal with it as a discipline issue. Pray specifically that Jonathan will have the desire and determination to want to walk and work to get strong enough to meet the goals they have set for him to be able to go home. Pray specifically for us that we will get wise counsel as to how to deal with this and that we will trust God to give us the grace and patience we need to deal with this positively. Jonathan continues to change each day. His words are very clear and his responses are much quicker. He carrys on great conversation, initiating and creating conversation regularly. He loves to have people visit and always asks who is coming to see him next. He is very loving and extremely generous with hugs and kisses, which we are thoroughly enjoying. Tomorrow at 10 am, we will go on our first outing to visit a fire station with Jonathan's two group friends, Jared and Chucky. Pray that this will be a great time for all of them.
Praise God for the miracle of Jonathan doing so well in his group time on his own. Praise Him for all the beautiful smiles, laughter, love, hugs and kisses we get to enjoy each day. They are such a blessing. Pray for continued strength and coordination in using his legs and making them work like they are suppose to. We see them getting stronger every day. Please pray that Jonathan will be able to fight and work toward the goals he needs to meet to go home. Pray that we don't rush him to do the things we want him to do now. Pray for wisdom and understanding for us. Pray for continued healing in his brain, vision and diabetes. Pray for added strength to his upper body to be able to support his walking. We look forward to more miracles and answers to pray each day. Pray without ceasing!

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