Friday, March 4, 2005

Tonight we are praising God for another awesome week of miracles done in Jonathan's life. We see changes in Jonathan every day. We have seen his agitation level decrease, his concentration time increase, his left arm strengthened and his legs begin to move. We have seen his smile, heard his laughter, enjoyed his hugs and kisses. Day by day we praise God for the miracle of life and breath and eating. We continue to believe that Jonathan has been completely healed and we anxiously wait to see how God is going to reveal each part of that healing. We stand each day in God's strength because we have no strength of our own that remains. God has been faithful to provide all that we need and we trust Him to carry us through to the end. Thank you for your constant intercession on behalf of Jonathan and our entire family. God's Word is true - He hears the prayers of His children and He answers them.
Continue to pray for Jonathan's complete healing. Pray specifically for his vision as he is scheduled to have a vision test done next Wed. Pray for continued strength in his arms and legs. Pray that he can sit on his own and balance properly. Pray that he will be able to walk soon. Pray for complete healing in his brain. Pray a hedge of protection around our family. Above all, pray that the Lord will be glorified through our lives and that people will come to know this incredible God that we call Our Father.

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