Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jonathan continues to improve with each passing day. During OT he did a few new things. He took his shirt off and put it on all by himself while sitting on the side of the mat. He also played a game with the therapist that involved wide range of moving his arms, while he was standing up. He walked 90 feet with the silver walker. He still gets tired and frustrated very easily which causes him to cry. We are expecting in the next few days to get fitted for braces on his feet and that should hopefully help to correct some issues he is having with walking. He is working on his short term memory and doing well listening to stories and answering questions correctly about the details. He continues to work on school work and memorize Scriptures in his Awana book. He continues to ask regularly when he gets to go home. We have made a Go Home Calendar and are marking off the days as they pass. We have 19 days left until we come home!
Continue to pray for Jonathan. Pray that each day he will grow stronger and stronger, especially in his legs. Pray for endurance, understanding and peace until he gets to go home. Pray that we will not push him too much or try to control this issue of coming home. God is in control - He has been from the very beginning. Pray that we will let Him orchestrate Jonathan's healing and that His will would be done. Pray for continued healing of his brain, vision and diabetes. Pray that God is glorified and that we would reflect the life of our Risen Lord and Saviour. Praise the Lord for the incredible sacrifice He made so long ago that has provided our salvation and the faith, hope and healing that has carried our family through this journey. He alone is worthy!

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