Saturday, March 19, 2005

Today was both good and bad. For the most part Jonathan had a good day, but did not do well during his therapy sessions. He cried and at one point would not do what he was asked to do. I asked him later why he was doing that and he said that he wanted Mom and Dad to help him not his teachers. We have tried to explain to him that we cannot always help him and that we are learning just like he is, but he does not understand that. Pray that he will understand what he needs to do for the therapist and that he will have the strength and determination to do it. Other than that he did well today. We took walks, had snacks and basically just hung out together. We took him down tonight and did the standing frame which he did with no problem and without any agitation. Pray that the therapist might feel at ease with our ability to help our son and let us have more freedom to work with him on our own. He continues to grow stronger each day and we are seeing definite increases in his ability to use his legs and arms. We praise God for all that He has done and look forward to what He is going to do.
Pray that we would have wisdom. We are going to need to make some decisions in the not to distant future and we really need God's wisdom to do the right thing for Jonathan. Pray that Jonathan would continue to grow stronger and that he would be able to understand his situation and what he needs to do. Pray that we would know when to push him and when to back off. Your continued intercession on behalf of our family has been a blessing and I know that God will richly bless each and every one of you for your faithfulness. May God get all the glory!

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