Thursday, March 17, 2005

Today was an exciting day for us. Jonathan had his first outing today and did a great job. We rode on the bus to a fire station nearby. All the firemen were very nice and showed us all their trucks, equipment and their home at the fire station. Jared and Chucky went with us as well as the Child Life Specialist and the Physical Therapist. The Physical Therapist brought along 2 walkers. All of the boys are working on walking, so she had each one do some walking while the others rode in their wheelchairs. Jonathan has only worked with one walker and there was more to it than just the basic walker she brought along. We got Jonathan to get up and try to walk on it. With the therapist's assistance, Jonathan pushed the walker and walked about 10-12 steps across the floor. We were very proud of him. He even did it without crying! He managed to tolerate the trip without getting agitated. We are hoping to get to take Jonathan for an outing on Saturday but we have not gotten an official okay to do that yet. The other big accomplishment today was that Jonathan was able to use the bathroom in the potty chair by his bed two times today! Mom was quite excited to say the least.
Thank you so much for your continued prayers. As you can see, God hears and answers them every day. Continue to pray for strength and determination for Jonathan to be able to reach his goals. Pray for continued healing of his brain, vision and diabetes. Pray for our possible outing this weekend. Continue to pray for Jonathan's ability to cope with his surroundings and situation and that the agitation will go away completely. Pray for continued progress in walking and using the bathroom. Pray that we will be patient and positive in helping him accomplish these things. Praise God for His faithful answers to our prayers!

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