Monday, March 21, 2005

Today was a very busy day for Jonathan. Because PT was rescheduled for the afternoon today, we had an extra hour before we started therapy for today. So Jonathan started to work on school work again with Mom for the first time since last semester. We have started with some basic 1st grade stuff like simple addition/subtraction, counting money, printing capital/small letters and adding the missing letter to some spelling words. He did about 5 worksheet pages and did everything perfectly on all of them. He seemed to enjoy it as well. After that we began working in our Awana book memorizing Scripture again. He did very well in all of his therapy classes, especially PT. It was rescheduled for the afternoon, so Dad got to come watch and help. Jonathan walked with both of the walkers he has been working on and he did it all without crying! He did such a great job. We are really trying to work with him on talking to his therapist instead of crying and trying to understand that we must work during those 30 minutes, even if it is very hard. He did very well with that today. We have been approved to work with Jonathan in the evenings on one of the walkers. We worked about 15 minutes with him this evening. We are going to have to take it slower than we want to and not be too aggressive with him. We want this to help him, not hinder him in any way. Jonathan went to a new group today with Speech Therapy and his two friends, Chucky and Jared. It is a memory group where he listens to stories and watches videos and has to remember things that happened and answer questions. His therapist said he did an excellent job answering the questions and even remembered to raise his hand to answer. We are continuing to work on using the bathroom as well. Overall we had a good, positive day.
Thanks so much for praying for our therapy today. Continue to pray for Jonathan's understanding and determination to work hard during those 30 minute classes he has. Pray for continued strength and endurance to make it through his PT and OT classes. Pray for his short term memory to return to normal. Pray for his ability to relearn to use the bathroom. Pray for rest and strength for us. Pray that we would not push too hard, but that we would gently and patiently work with him to add to the progress that he is making every day. To God be the glory for the great things He has done!

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