Monday, March 7, 2005

We are off to a great start this week. To begin the day, Jonathan stood on his legs, not in the standing frame, but with the assistance of his therapist and his Mom. He stood behind a table and played with his cars for part of his PT time today. He handled it beautifully with just a little bit of crying. When it was time to get back in his chair, Jonathan chose to walk from the mat to get in his chair. With his therapist behind him holding him and helping him move his feet, Jonathan took about 3 steps to get back in his chair. It was pretty neat. In PT and OT he spent some time on his hands and knees to help strengthen his arms and help him push himself up. He worked hard this morning. One of his therapist talked about getting him a new chair; one that he can push himself. Jonathan is still working on sitting by himself, taking off and putting on his shoes and pushing himself back with his hands. He did not have a good concentration day with the neuropsycologist. He also had some issues with high blood sugars again today. The doctors have adjusted his insulin and food intake to try and stabilize it again. We ended the day getting to visit with the pet therapist and their dogs. That was fun too.
Continue to pray for Jonathan this week as he begins to work on walking. Pray that he will be able to do what the therapist asks of him and that his agitation level will be minimal. Even though we have made great progress with the agitation levels, that phase is not over yet. Please continue to pray that Jonathan will be able to handle his environment better each day and that his concentration time will continue to increase. Pray that he will be able to walk soon. Continue to pray and believe in his complete healing. Pray that all of us, but most especially Jonathan, will wait on the Lord, and that He will renew our strength so that we will run and not grow weary; that we will walk and not faint.

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