Thursday, March 3, 2005

We had another very positive day today. Jonathan made it through all of our therapy today with minimal crying. He stood on the standing frame for 25 minutes and did great. He layed on a mat and exercised his left arm and did great. He is talking well and eating well and is able to concentrate better each day when asked questions or to do a task. He is really working on using his legs. He tries to pull them up, take off his shoes and today he told me he wanted to get out of the bed.
Continue to pray that Jonathan will completely move beyond this stage of frustration and agitation. We are seeing less and less with each passing day. Continue to pray for strength and mobility in his arms and legs. Pray for healing of his vision and his diabetes. Also pray for the rest of our family. Pray that our weariness and fatigue will not get in the way of our faith and trust in God's will and timing in this situation. Pray that we will remember that His strength is perfect and that God will faithfully carry us through.

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