Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jonathan had a really good day today. This morning he walked through the gym and visited with a new therapy dog named Winston. He pet Winston, gave him a treat and asked lots of questions about him, all while he was standing. After that he walked up the 24 stairs again to the second floor and did a great job with it. During OT, he played volleyball with weights on his arms, leaned down on his arms and reached to pick up some toys, and played a fishing game while standing with his walker. During Speech, he was able to remember the month and the day of the week without any prompting. He is working on concentrating while listening to stories and being able to answer questions about the stories. He is doing a great job of speaking, thinking and concentrating. Later on, he made cinnamon cookies during Snack Attack and he sat in a regular chair without arms for about 1 1/2 hours. This evening, Jonathan did even better by walking from his bed all the way down to the dining room on the first floor with only one small break. Before the night was over, he walked from the dining room back up to his bed without any breaks. Each time we watch him walk, he gets stronger and more sure in his steps.
Continue to pray for Jonathan's walking progress. He amazes us every day and everyone loves to see him up and walking around. It is truly an awesome sight. Pray for continued strength in his arms. Pray for the potty training process. Continue to pray that he will be able to handle all that he is asked to do without crying and falling into that stubborn, uncooperative attitude. Pray believing that God has already healed his brain, vision and diabetes. God continues to faithfully show Himself strong on our behalf and we will be faithful to give Him all the praise for He alone is worthy!

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