Sunday, March 6, 2005

Today was a quiet day. Jonathan seems to be more aware of his situation and is starting to ask if he can go home. We do not have any therapy on Sunday but the doctor does come by. One of the first things he says is "Good Morning", and waits for Jonathan to respond, Jonathan did tell the doctor "Good Morning" after some cueing. We are working with him to get him to use more words than gestures. He usually asks Jonathan to lift his left hand and give him 5 and touch his nose, all of which he does. He has him lift his legs and touch his toes to the doctor's hand and he can almost get his leg completely off the bed to do that. The doctor said that he has made some good progress this week and is encouraged by what he can see. We went on a number of walks around the block today and he even ate his lunch in the dining room area for the first time. He seems to be able to tolerate longer periods of time in his wheel chair and outside of his room. He is also responding more with words than with his head. We are really encouraged by what we see in him and are also torn by the fact that he, as well as us, want him to come home. Pray that God will give Jonathan a peace about the hospital until He allows him to come home.
Pray that God would strengthen his body and allow him to walk soon and that Jonathan would have a conscience awareness of God's presense. Pray that we could find rest and be able to help Jonathan, even if it is small, through this time. Pray that Satan would not be allowed to attack our family and that the Lord would protect us. It is only by the prayers of each of you and God's grace that we have made it this far and we know that it will only be by the sustaining grace of God that we persevere to the end.

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