Wednesday, March 2, 2005

We witnessed another miraculous answer to prayer today - Jonathan stood up on the standing frame for 25 minutes and never cried one time! That is the very first time we have had a therapy downstairs in the gym that he did not cry at all. It was wonderful! Elizabeth and Sarah were there to cheer him on and watch him stand up. Then Jonathan and I spent the rest of the time playing with some matchbox cars on the table attached to the frame. We were all very proud. Jonathan sat up and balanced himself a little on his own during OT. He also was able to concentrate again for 25 minutes without any agitation for the neuropsycologist today. We went downstairs for about 10 minutes and listened to a couple of guys play guitar and sing. We also got to participate by singing along and using an egg shaker. Jonathan also quoted John 3:16 for us today just before the girls left to go to Awanas. He initiated some use in his left hand and continued to move his legs for us as well. Overall, we had a great day today.
Thank you so much for praying for Jonathan's agitation during therapy. Pray that his brain will continue to heal and this agitation will go away completely. Pray that we can continue to do therapy without crying. Pray that he will be able to balance and sit up on his own. Continue to pray for strength and movement in his left arm and legs and for healing of his vision and diabetes. Each day we are blessed to see God answer yet another prayer as we witness His awesome power in our lives. Praise the Lord!

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