Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Jonathan did AWESOME today! We had such a great day! He started out with PT where he walked with the silver walker 85 feet! That is the most he has walked so far. He worked at it so hard and managed to make it until the last couple of steps before beginning to cry. We were very proud. During OT he sat on the mat, threw bean bag animals through the basketball hoop with both of his hands and an arm weight on his right hand, took off his shoes and socks, turned over on his stomach, did 8 pushups and held himself up on his elbows while putting rings on a stick with each hand. There was not even a hint of crying in him today and these were very difficult things for him to do. He did all of it so well. He had a great Speech therapy and also got to make Coke floats for Snack Attack today. He even made a Root Beer float for his Daddy too. He went to the play room this evening and made a bunny puppet and later on, he walked 93 feet on the walker with Mom and Dad. He even did that without crying! Jonathan is setting new records every time he walks. We are continuing to do school work and Jonathan remembered the verses we worked on in his Awana book yesterday. He may not be able to remember the day of the week, the month or the year, but he can remember his Scripture verses.
God has been so good to us. We just praise His name for the mighty miracles He continues to perform in Jonathan's life each day. Please continue to pray for strength and endurance as he continues to try to walk. Pray for a continued determination and good attitude as he works toward the goal of going home. He is beginning to ask more and more when he gets to go home. Today we made a "Go Home Calendar" and will begin tomorrow to mark off days until April 13. Pray that he will not get discouraged and that he will stay healthy and focused on what he needs to accomplish before that day arrives. May God bless each of you for your faithful prayers for us. Knowing that you are praying makes it easier to meet the challenges we face each day. We thank God for each of you.

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