Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Today was another good day for Jonathan. He cried a little more with his therapy today, but still did a very good job with both. During PT he walked on the parallel bars again and also did some knee bends. There was a distinct difference between walking on the parallel bars today from last week. He walked across them several times and did two sets of knee bends. After that he walked across the gym floor and up and down about 3 wooden steps and back to his chair. During OT he did some different things to strengthen his hands, arms and standing. At lunch time he went into a class called Lunch Bunch. It is where a bunch of the kids get together and eat their lunch. He did very well. His short term memory is improving every day. He also went to OT group this afternoon and made a bunny windsock for Easter. We also had our cares conference today. The word is that we are still on track for an April 13 discharge and the doctor is very encouraged about Jonathan's progress. He said that he knows that it seems like we have been here forever but Jonathan has made incredible progress in the 7 weeks that he has been at Our Children's House (OCH). The doctor has ordered braces for his feet that will help keep his toes from dragging when he walks. We got the go ahead to take Jonathan on a therapeutic trial outing this weekend. We are still discussing what that will be, but are so glad to finally be going. Everyday his conversation and response gets better and he is better able to adapt to his environment. The doctor even mentioned this in our cares conference.
Pray that Jonathan will continue to do good and will not get sick. Pray for continued strength in his arms and legs and progress in his walking. Pray for complete healing of his brain, vision and diabetes. Pray that Jonathan will be able to handle his therapy and learn to deal with the frustration and exhaustion that comes with this process. Pray for us and the girls for strength and rest. Pray that we will all be able to hold on until we get to come home. God has been so good to us. We have been blessed.

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