Thursday, March 31, 2005

Today was a day of firsts for Jonathan. During PT he walked to therapy instead of riding in his wheelchair (a first), he also got to walk outside today and walked down a steep ramp (another first). After resting a little bit, he walked half way back and into the building lobby before sitting down. This was the first time he has walked outside and he did great. During OT he was on his knees for about 25 minutes playing Connect 4 with his therapist. Being up on his knees has been difficult for him but today he had no problem with it, another first. During his group time today he got to go on an outing to Braums. He had Carb Control Chocolate ice cream and did some walking and even walked up the steps to get back in the bus to come back to the hospital. Later on this evening he received his new ankle braces to help with his walking. He tried them on and did not like them too much but it will get better after he breaks them in. He will begin using them tomorrow during therapy, this is something new for him, pray that it will not cause him agitation as he tries to use them. This evening he seemed a little run down and tired and started sneezing a lot. We are not sure if he is trying to catch a cold or something. Pray that God would protect him from this and would not allow anything to cause him to have a set back this close to going home.
Pray for continued good health and that he would not get sick. Pray for continued strength and endurance in his walking. Pray that he will adjust to his new braces and that they will not hinder his walking progress. Pray for God's complete healing of his diabetes, vision and brain. Praise God for all He has done and all He is doing!

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