Thursday, February 10, 2005

Today was a wild day for us. We got to the center an hour early just to see Jonathan eat his first meal in 6 weeks. He did a wonderful job! He ate some eggs, all of his ham, some cream of wheat and drank some milk through a straw. The eggs were not as pureed as I had thought, but he did a great job of chewing and swallowing everything. He ate about 25% of his tray. Because of some miscommunication between therapist, doctors and nurses, he did not receive any Pediasure through the tube after eating this food. Consequently, he only received one-fourth of the amount of food he normally has in the morning, which caused him to have no energy. He could not even stay awake for most of his therapy. The only therapy he was able to do was to stand on the tilt table again just as well as he did yesterday. They even had him standing straighter today than yesterday, although not straight up yet. He did fabulous again and everyone was quite pleased. When the speech therapist came at noon to feed him his lunch, he couldn't even eat it. We started him again on his tube feeding and once we did, he perked up instantly. The speech therapist came to try again at 1 pm and he ate another 25% of his lunch tray then. He ate beef with brown gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots and cream of celery soup (all pureed of course). I got to feed him part of his lunch too. At dinner, Daddy got to feed him chicken and cream gravy, mashed potatoes, peas and tomato soup. We ate another 25% for dinner as well. We are so proud of Jonathan. For now, he will remain on his usual tube feeding in addition to any food he will eat from the trays they bring. Once he begins to eat more from the tray, they will back off on the tube feed until it balances out.
Continue to pray for this feeding process. I can't tell you how awesome it is for us to see Jonathan eat by mouth. If you recall, this is now the second thing that the neurologist said he would never do. Our God is an Awesome God! Continue to pray for his awareness, for tracking with his eyes and for strength in his limbs. Pray for the rest of us as well. Lamar has gone back to work this week and we are all very tired. Pray for strength and rest for us. We love you all for your continued prayer support for our family.

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