Thursday, February 3, 2005

Today was busy with all of the therapist coming in to evaluate Jonathan. After this evaluation period of about 1 week we will have a conference to discuss Jonathan's rehab. Our Children's House at Baylor has been very quick to make us feel welcome today. We had a lot of issues with the switch and they have stepped up and tried as best they could to accommodate us. One milestone that was reached today was that he had his first shower and regular clothes on for the first time in 5 weeks. He even had his tennis shoes on. One of the doctor's that evaluated him today, tested him for the level of coma that he is in. She said that he was in a moderate coma. Someone also mentioned to us today that what he is doing right now is called being agitated, then next step is to cry. Please pray that as we move into this phase we have strength to endure.
Please continue to pray for Jonathan to get stronger with each passing day. We know that God has healed him and need patience to wait on God's timing.

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