Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Although today was a tough day for all of us, God continues to faithfully give us little blessings to remind us that He is in control of Jonathan's life. Jonathan cried pretty much all night long. We had a few 20 minute periods of sleep, but for the most part, he cried from 10 pm until 9 am. I can't even express to you how tough it is to watch him struggle through those periods of agitation. Knowing that the agitation and sleep issues he is having are very normal does not make it any easier to deal with. It is heart wrenching to be unable to do anything to help him. You just pray and cry with him. The doctor gave him a new medicine this morning to help calm him down and it knocked him out for most of the day. He only got one of his therapy sessions, but he desperately needed the rest. They are going to give him this medicine again tonight as well. We had our Cares Conference again today and talked about the sleep issues as well as the rise in his blood sugar. He is eating incredibly well and continues to progress to new levels of eating. He is now on the chopped tray and hopefully will be on a regular tray by next week. We can't help but praise the Lord each time we see him eat. What a blessing. We have been officially told that Jonathan is out of the coma. He is interacting with his environment which means he is no longer in a coma. He is making great progress in his therapy and we are going to continue on the original plan set forth for him.
God has been good to give us so many good days since we have been at Our Children's House. Please continue to earnestly pray for Jonathan's rest at night. This is so important for him. Pray for continued progress in his therapy and strength in his body. Pray that we will not get discouraged when we have tough days like this. Pray for our rest and strength as well as Jonathan's. God's way, His timing and His will are always perfect. Pray that we will wait on Him.

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