Friday, February 25, 2005

Today was not an extremely eventful day, although it was a good one. Jonathan slept all night long last night! Praise the Lord! Our days are much better when we all get sleep at night. We had PT, OT and ST this morning and did well will all of them. OT had Jonathan sitting in a regular chair in his room and he looked great. During the afternoon, we had some friends visit and just did a number of random things. We did some easy math problems (1+1 through 5+5), we counted by 10's, 5's and 2's and remembered the names of the coins and their values. I was very impressed. We got out paper and colors and Jonathan wrote all the letters in his name. We also looked through a beautiful scrapbook that the children and teachers from Lakeland put together for Jonathan. Thanks so much for such an awesome gift. We will treasure it forever. Jonathan continues to talk better and better each day. He also tried to use his left hand much more today.
Please pray that the sleep medicine they are giving Jonathan will continue to help him sleep each night. Pray for continued strength in his left arm and movement and strength in his legs. Pray that Jonathan's agitation level will continue to decrease with each passing day. Pray that until God heals Jonathan of the diabetes, that he will give the doctors and dieticians wisdom to be able to regulate his blood sugar in a normal range with the type of food he needs. Pray for rest for us this weekend. May we never forget to stand in awe and worship the Lord each day as we witness His mighty power and His unfailing love in our lives.

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