Sunday, February 27, 2005

First off, I am going to start putting new pictures on sub pages instead of the front page. New pictures will be added frequently and I will try to let you know when I put them up. New pictures have been added to page 3. All that said, today was a quiet restful day. Jonathan slept well all night again, making it about 4 in a row. We pray that this will continue. He spent most of the morning trying to sit up in the bed and also was trying to move his legs. He is really trying to move his whole body and make it obey but he struggles. You can see it in his face, and he usually moans and gets frustrated. We just continue to encourage him to keep at it, it will get easier and soon he will be able to do it without even thinking. After a while he gets tired and rests but he is fighting and even when he is not in the gym, he is still working out. He is becoming more playful at times and even laughs and jokes with us. It is such a blessing to see him joking around, it is so him. I put a picture on page 3, which will say it better than I can. He is such a cheerful spirit and we just love to see him laugh. He is using his left hand a little more each day but it is still sluggish. He did start using it today to scratch his face. God has been so good to us and we are so grateful and praise Him everyday for the things that He continues to do in Jonathan's life. We are getting reports about some amazing things that God is doing through this situation and we are humbled that God would allow us to be a part. We know that God has great plans for Jonathan's life, plans that we cannot even imagine.
Our prayer focus is for his leg strength. He has feeling in them but right now he cannot control them too well. We are praying that God would give him strength and control so that he will be able to walk soon. Pray for his frustration level as he tries to bring his body into submission. Pray for rest and strength for the rest of the family. It is getting very trying on us as the weeks wear on, but God has been faithful this far and I know that He will see us through. Thank you again, I cannot tell you how much your prayers and support have meant to us and our family. Keep the faith.

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