Friday, February 11, 2005

Today was a quiet but good day. Although Jonathan didn't do anything "new" today, he is doing all the same things better and better. He ate all three meals today again today. He ate about 25% of both breakfast and lunch, but ate 75% of his dinner! We were quite excited. He is well on his way to eating with out any feeding tube. He only had one therapy session today and did well with it. He is still answering yes/no questions for us fairly accurately and seemed to be more in control of his eyes today. We just enjoyed some time sitting in the bed with Jonathan.
Please continue to pray for Jonathan. We are praying that Jonathan can remember how to speak and be able to begin to say words. Continue to pray for him to get stronger and able to control his head and body. God has and continues to manifest himself through this journey. We need prayer for strength and rest for the journey ahead.

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