Monday, February 21, 2005

Thanks so much for your prayers for Jonathan last night. He slept much better last night with his Grandpa at his side. I hope you will continue to pray for him each night that God will help him to settle into a good sleep pattern. Today we stood up on a new standing frame. He starts out sitting down, then gets raised to a standing position. He has a table in front of him so he can lean on it and do things. He worked a puzzle today and seemed to do very well with the new frame. He almost got his whole name spelled out, and can write a "J" pretty well. He is still eating very well, but his blood sugars have been significantly higher since he has started eating "real food." Each time we take an insulin shot, we stop and pray for God's healing of the diabetes and that until He does heal, that God would make Jonathan brave and strong to handle it. We went outside for a while and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We also had some fun time playing with Jonathan and making him laugh tonight.
Thanks also for your prayers for his left arm. We are beginning to see more movement in that arm with each passing day. Continue to pray for strength and mobility in that arm. It is awesome to see God already in the process of answering this need as He has so faithfully answered all through this process. Your prayers are being heard and answered! Thanks for interceding on our behalf.

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