Monday, February 14, 2005

This is a Valentine's Day we will never forget for a number of reasons. Jonathan had a great day to start out the week. He ate great at all of his meals and even fed himself some pudding this evening. It was a cool thing to watch. He did great in all his therapy again. Our best session was with the neuro psychologist, Dr. J. She asked him a few questions and then gave him a toy with square, triangle and circle blocks to put in the appropriate holes on top of the bucket. The first couple were slow, but as he went on, he would take them right out of her hand and put them in the slot they belonged in. She asked him to compare 2 blocks and asked same/different as well as to pick out the different block out of 3. He did very well knowing his shapes and colors. She also had him pick up puzzle pieces of a boat, train, truck, plane and bus. He knew which ones they were. I was so very proud. He did such a fabulous job. The Lord, of course, deserves all the credit, although the snack of sugar free chocolate/vanilla swirl pudding just before we went might have helped just a bit!
Today was a very emotional day for me. I wept as I wrote Valentine notes to our girls whom we love so much and are so proud of how they have handled this enormous trial in our family. I wept many times as I looked upon our precious son. My heart was torn between undying gratitude to the Lord for the fact that he is alive, breathing, eating, holding his head up, moving his arms, opening his eyes, and yet begging God to restore him soon and let this cup pass from our lives. God's grace is sufficient and He remains faithful to carry us through each and every step of this path we are on. We hope that you have taken the time today to tell the precious people in your life how much you love them. Each day is a treasure not to be taken lightly.
Our prayer requests remain the same. Praise God for the wonders He shows us daily in Jonathan's healing process. Pray for his continued healing and daily progress. Pray for rest, health and strength for the rest of us as we wait for God's perfect will and time. We love you all.

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