Sunday, February 13, 2005

Today was a good day. Jonathan started out with breakfast and at the end of it decided that he wanted to feed himself (the picture above explains it all). After a good breakfast he decided to wipe his mouth off also. After that he settled into a nap. He still continues to eat his food well and even drinks some liquids by mouth, through a straw sometimes. He seems to be more alert during the morning and early afternoon. He was moving his right arm very well today and would wave and play with his cars. He has a favorite pillow that big sister Sarah gave him that he likes to keep close so that he can feel how soft it is. Tonight after eating his dinner very well, the doctor was making his rounds and gave him a 100% on his meal. He ate it all so he did not have to get any supplement of pediasure. This afternoon we actually went out to a playground area that is at the facility and watched some children playing. He studied every move with anxious eyes and I told him that pretty soon he would be right in there with them. While we were outside, Grandpa found a ball and gave it to him. Ms. Christin wanted to play so I asked him to throw the ball to her and he rolled it to the end of his legs and let it go. She gave the ball back to him and he did it again. He likes being outside and today was a great day for it. He is holding his head up by himself much better and seems to have better control today. After all that we went back to the room for some R&R after a hard time of play. He rested a bit until dinner time. He does seem to get more agitated at night, but all in all he is doing very well.
Many of you continue to ask about Elizabeth and Sarah. We are grateful for your prayers for them as well. They are both doing very well. They homeschool each day with their Aunt Sherri and cousin Emily and are staying on track with that. They continue to attend Awanas, choir, handbells and other church activities each week. The schedule is difficult for all of us as we get up very early to get downtown, stay gone all day and return home in time to go to bed again. This is very difficult for us as most of our life has been spent together as a family at home. They are a great help with Jonathan each morning and very much enjoy helping to give him a bath and get him ready for his day. They are two of his biggest fans and are a great source of encouragement to him and us. Please continue to pray for them that they will have good health and rest. Also pray for protection of our relationship with them and their tender hearts as they continue to deal with such a difficult situation at such a young age. God has great plans for our precious girls as well as our precious boy and we are very blessed to have them as our children.
Please continue to pray for Jonathan's strength to return to his arms and legs. We are also asking God to allow his speech to return. Jonathan periodically throughout the day seems to be working on moving his left arm and gets frustrated with it. Pray that he will not be afraid and frustrated and that he will have the ability to do all the doctors and therapist ask of him. God has been so gracious to us and we are praying for continued favor.

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