Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Today was both a challenge and a blessing. Jonathan seemed a bit more agitated and cried a lot today. He did not sleep well last night. Although he was upset most of the day, he did well in his PT and OT today. He had OT twice today and at the second round, he counted backward from 9 to 0 using a puzzle. He would pick up each number as he was counting. When we first put the puzzle in front of him, he picked up the 8 and said "eight" and continued talking a lot for the OT. She would show him a peg and ask him what color it was and he would say the color, he only missed a couple. She would then give it to him and he put them onto a peg board. She had him put them on with his right hand and take them off with his left. He is still sluggish with the left hand but it continues to get stronger each day. We went outside for a walk again today and again he enjoyed it. He did well with his eating in spite of being agitated. This evening he cried a lot but did have breaks where he would stop and talk or just look around. When he is sleeping soundly, he usually wakes up in a loud cry. We are not sure if he is dreaming or what the problem is. He also seems to be sore from all the working out he does, which is to be expected. All in all he is doing good and we are learning to take the ups and downs of rehab.
Please pray that Jonathan will be able to sleep and be content while he is awake. We are told that what he is going through is normal for the waking up process. Still it is hard to watch sometimes. Please pray that we would have the strength and rest that we need to meet the needs of not only Jonathan but our two girls, Elizabeth and Sarah. Thank you for your continued prayers and may God richly bless you for your faithfulness.

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