Saturday, February 19, 2005

Thank you for your prayers for us about last night. We slept for an hour, cried for an hour, got some Motrin, then slept the rest of the night. I had to wake him up to eat this morning. We had kind of a lazy day and rested as much as we could. Jonathan is getting lots of new things to eat with this new type of food tray and seems to enjoy almost everything he puts in his mouth. He is consistently being very content during the days, and was content today as well. I feel like we saw a distinct change in Jonathan today. He tried to talk to us regularly. Sometimes we got words with no sound and other times we could hear the words. Sometimes we understood them, sometimes we read lips. He is sitting up well on his own from time to time and loves to feed himself when he eats. This evening, we went downstairs to the dining room to eat again and that's when we really saw the change. Up to this point, when Jonathan talks, he sounds like he is crying and talking at the same time. As you know, the only sound he has made since the breathing tube came out is a cry. Since that is the only sound he knows how to make, all his words are said while crying. Tonight, he spoke words without crying. Lots of words. We got him to say just about every family member's name and it was beautiful. Back in the room as we were all talking, he was trying to talk with us, all the while smiling as he talked. The best of the stories is that Jonathan was listening to his Dad talk about his car, a Kia Sportage which he has always loved. While Lamar was talking, Jonathan looked at me, smiled and said, "Kia Sportage." We took some pictures of him and he said to me, "I want to see my pictures." He talked all evening long and we hung on every words. The whole time I sat on the side of his bed with him, he continued to lift his right arm around my neck and just hug me, over and over. He said Mommy, Daddy, Elizabeth and Sarah numerous times tonight. What a blessing.
Please pray for Jonathan and his sleeping. We asked the doctor if we could move his last feeding to 9 pm and not give him the medicine and see what happens. I think we have gotten to the point that Daddy and Mommy will be his sleep partners from now on. Please pray that he will be comfortable with both of us so that we take turns spending the night with him and having time with the girls. Please pray for protection for Lamar and I in our relationship as our time together is limited right now. Continue to praise God for Jonathan's beautiful voice and pray for continued strength in his speech. Begin to pray specifically for strength and movement in his left arm. We would also like to ask you to join us in praying that God will heal Jonathan of his Diabetes. We talked about that today with Jonathan and I have decided to pray with each shot that God will cause his body to make the insulin he needs and that he would no longer be a diabetic. Our God is a God of Miracles and nothing is too hard for Him.

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