Sunday, February 20, 2005

Today was a day of rest for Jonathan. He is having a lot of trouble sleeping at night and spent most of the morning sleeping. Pray that he will be able to sleep through the night or most of it. After a much needed nap and lunch he had a good rest of the day. He continues to talk and say more things without crying. He now smiles while he is talking and it is so awesome to hear him. Tonight, as he was interacting with some family and I was talking with his aunt Sherri, I said something that Jonathan thought was funny and he laughed out loud. It was so incredible. He continued to say some things that we would ask him. Earlier in the day we went on a walk around the block and he seems to like the outdoors. He continues to drink all the fluids that the doctors want him too and eats good. We are thankful and praise God for all the things Jonathan is doing. We have just recently been told by a few medical professionals that the things that he is doing is medically impossible based on his injury, but with God all things are possible. Pray that the medical teams that cared for him at Children's and those that are caring for him at Baylor would see Jesus in Jonathan's recovery.
Pray for Jonathan's sleeping habits. Pray for our family as we try to figure out what is best for Jonathan. Specifically pray for Jonathan's left hand. We have already seen more movement today in that hand. Praise God for all He has done and all that He is going to do with Jonathan.

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