Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jonathan is doing so well. He had a great day in therapy. He got up on his knees for the first time today (with help of course). He played with play dough and is still picking out colors and shapes perfectly. We are working on remembering other things by using flash cards, puzzles and trying to learn to blow a whistle. He pretty much cleans his plate almost every time he eats. He's gained 3 pounds so far! He seems very alert and much more content. There's not as much crying anymore. He has improved to the point that when he does get agitated, he is able to calm himself down fairly quickly. There were a few times that I looked at him and he had his mouth opened, and I wondered if he was trying to say something. I can hardly wait for that moment to come. Jonathan got to go on a walk and pet a dog this evening. We also let him sit in his Daddy's car for a few minutes.
Jonathan is doing so good with his right arm/hand. Pray specifically for the use of his left arm and legs. Also pray that he will be able to speak soon. Continue to pray for his eating and strengthening of his limbs. God is good!

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