Saturday, February 12, 2005

Today was a lazy day. Jonathan didn't do much except sleep and eat. He continued to eat good, about 25% for breakfast (but it was about the amount that he always eats for breakfast), 75% of his food for lunch and 90% of it for dinner. Because he is eating so much of his pureed food they are starting to reduce his pediasure based on how much he eats. We did have a short physical therapy session today where he sat up pretty much on his own with a little help. He would also lift his head all the way up and look at me when I asked him to. The therapist seemed impressed with what he did. After that we went on a little walk inside the facility and looked out the windows for a while before returning to his room. He sat on a couch by the window today for a good while and watched it rain and took a nap. All in all he had a good day.
Please pray that as he becomes more aware of the situation, that he would not be scared or confused about what is going on but that God would give him a peace. Pray for strength and that he would continue to recover quickly. Pray that God would help him to speak so that he could communicate with us on a deeper level and we could understand what he is thinking and feeling. Pray for us as we wait on God.

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