Monday, February 7, 2005

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! What an absolutely wonderful day! This morning I asked God to be glorified through Jonathan somehow today and we spent the day praising God for what we witnessed. We started out the day giving Jonathan a bath and getting him ready for the day. Elizabeth and Grandpa Smith changed the bed while Sarah washed his hair and I gave him a bath. The girls got Jonathan's approval on what they picked out for him to wear. They both got to see him nod his head yes/no for the first time. Our first therapy was physical therapy. They had him sitting on the side of the bed and he was able to hold his head up on his own a couple of times for a short period. That alone was great. The speech therapist came right after lunch. She asked him numerous yes/no questions and got an answer out of him every time. She asked if he liked pudding - Yes. Do you want vanilla? - No. Do you want chocolate? - Yes. Jonathan got 3 bites of chocolate pudding and he ate and swallowed all of it. He had some on his front teeth and she told him to lick it off with his tongue. He did. Next she asked if he liked chocolate milk - Yes. He got several spoonfuls of chocolate milk and loved every one. His eyes were wide open and he was even licking his lips. It was awesome! The therapist and I were both very excited and she is planning on working with him every day to get him to eat. I was more than happy with what I saw up to that point, but that's not all God had to show us. Just before the therapist left, I said to Jonathan, "Okay, tell Miss Ronnie bye-bye." When I said that, Jonathan lifted his right arm and waved at her! Both of us almost died right there! After that, he spent the next 20 minutes waving at everyone who came in the room, or waving his hand just for me. Occupational therapy came in right after that and we spent the next 30 minutes squeezing, picking up, dropping, rolling and pinching a squishy ball with his right hand. You could really tell he was concentrating on trying to do everything he was asked to do. I can't tell you how proud I was of Jonathan and how I have spent this day praising God for these unspeakable gifts. God truly showed Himself strong on Jonathan's behalf today. After all of that I told Jonathan how proud I was of him, we offered up a prayer of praise to God, and I asked him, "Do you know that Mama loves you?" He looked me straight in the face and shook his head Yes. Lamar is finally doing better and hopefully will get to see him again tomorrow.
Thank you for all the prayers you offered up for us today. Continue to pray that God will glorify Himself through Jonathan each day and that we will faithfully trust Him and give Him the glory for all that is accomplished in Jonathan's life. "God has been faithful, He will be again, His loving compassion, it knows no end. All I have need of, His hand will provide. He's always been faithful to me."

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