Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Today was another great day for Jonathan. He is doing very well with all of his therapy and we see improvement everyday. Tomorrow we will have a Care's Conference with Jonathan's doctors to discuss where he is now and what they expect from the future. He really surprised the Speech therapist when he downed a whole snack pack in about 10 minutes or so. He really likes his pudding! She said that she was going to continue to work with him but maybe by next week we might be getting real food (pureed of course). He also continued to answer Yes/No questions today and would wave when asked to. He even picked up one of his cars off of the bed and put it on his lap when Kristi asked him to.
Please pray that Jonathan will continue to grow stronger with each passing day and that the transition to real food will be a smooth one. Also, continue to praise God for his healing and help on the journey ahead.

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