Friday, April 1, 2005

We end this week and begin the month of April on a positive note. Jonathan was obviously very tired last night, but he slept well and woke up without any signs of the cold we thought he might be getting. He did great in his therapy today. He had PT and OT back to back which was not a problem for him today. He wore his leg braces for the first time today. He put them on and never complained about them at all. I was very pleased. It is amazing how much better they help him walk. He seems to be able to pick up his feet better, his knees don't lock and he is able to walk much easier with them on. He had a very good attitude about them and didn't seem to mind wearing them at all. He got new socks and tennis shoes to go along with the new leg braces, so that was the highlight of the day. He worked on getting down on the floor and back up again. This is very tough for him and still bothers him each time he has to do it. Other than that, he just walked around the gym and did some knee bends for PT. During OT he had to sit on a big ball and balance himself as he bent over to pick up some pegs and put them in the peg board. After that, he stood at a table while he played and won a game of Go Fish against Mom and his therapist. We had a good ST and did some good remembering and classification. The rest of the day was a typical Friday afternoon, not much to do. We are looking forward to our therapeutic trial outing tomorrow. We are planning on going to the Science Place and possibly the Dallas Arboretum. We should be able to get in a lot of walking practice at both of these places. Before returning, we will take him to dinner (not at McDonalds!). While tomorrow should be an eventful day, Sunday will be very long and uneventful. Pray that we will be able to rest and be prepared for the new week's challenges.
Pray that we will have an awesome day tomorrow. Pray for strength and endurance for Jonathan and that all of us would remain healthy and free of all the illnesses that are going around right now. Pray that he will continue to work well with the leg braces and that we would see much improvement in his walking. Pray for continued healing of his brain, vision and diabetes, and for peace of mind for him as we count down the days to coming home. Pray for wisdom and discernment for us as we make decisions about his continuing care. Pray that God will make His will very clear to us. Pray that we will trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and not depend on our own understanding. As we continue to make Christ known in this situation, we know that He will faithfully direct our steps. Our God is an awesome God!

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