Monday, April 4, 2005

We started out the new week again very well. Jonathan is still sleeping great even without the medication. We had a restful night last night. In PT, Jonathan did some knee bends, knee lifts, balanced on his own and practiced on the stairs again. Today he was able to get his foot up on top of some of the stairs without help. In OT he lifted some weights and did arm exercises, took off/put on his shoes and socks and worked a puzzle while propped up on his elbows, lying on his stomach. He played a matching game on the computer with the Neuropsycologist and did pretty good remembering with the Speech therapist. Later on in the afternoon, Jonathan walked outside with his OT, sat on a bench and looked through the monocle and told us what he could see. After that, he went to his Memory group for an hour and came back to tell me a couple of jokes he learned. We continue to count down the days until we get to come home and Jonathan asks about it frequently. He is having a hard time understanding why Mom and Dad can't stay with him all the time until he goes home. Sometimes he talks about it so much he causes himself to get upset and cry. We have to work hard to try to keep him from getting to that point.
Please pray for Jonathan this week. It is important that he do his best, but all of this is difficult for him to understand. Pray for peace of mind, a good attitude and understanding for him. Pray that we can encourage him and help him push through this week. Pray for continued progress in his walking. Pray for the potty training process as we are making progress in that area each day. Pray for continued healing of his brain, vision and diabetes. Pray for our Cares Conference which will happen on Wed. morning. Pray that we will have wisdom and that God's will is made very clear to us. God is still at work. Pray that we will be content to let Him have His way.

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