Sunday, April 24, 2005

I hope you will forgive me for missing the last update day, so let me fill you in on the last 4 days. Thursday, Jonathan had a great day at his pool therapy. He really seems to enjoy working in the pool. I don't think he realizes he is working while he is in there. That night, the kids camped out in our room. After going to sleep for about 45 minutes, Jonathan woke up, said he needed to go to the bathroom and then apparently made an attempt to get up and do that, when he fell out of the bed and landed right next to me on the floor. The problem is that I never heard him say anything, nor did I even hear him when he hit the floor. The only way I knew anything happed was when Sarah yelled, "Mom, Jonathan just fell out of bed!" I can't tell you how unnerving that was to me for him to be so close to me and yet not be able to hear him when he needed something. But once again, the Lord showed me how much He is in control of Jonathan's life, because he did not hurt himself anywhere when he fell. God has truly given His angels charge over Jonathan to protect him when we cannot. Since then, we have put a guard rail on the side of his bed to help protect him from that happening again. The good thing about that event was that it was the first time he had ever woken up to say he needed to go to the bathroom, and the next morning was the first morning he woke up dry. He also did not remember falling out of bed. Friday and Saturday, we spent the day doing some shopping and getting things done around the house. Jonathan makes great efforts to get up and help us with things, as well as getting around with us instead of just sitting in his chair doing nothing. Today, we went to church again and this time we sat up in the balcony next to the sound booth where Dad works. That means Jonathan went up and down stairs two times this morning and did it with no problem at all. Jonathan went to Sunday School as well as Kids On Mission this evening. He gets around great with the kids, and everyone is very attentive to him and making sure he participates as much as possible. In Sunday School, Jonathan drew a picture of Jesus healing him, of him walking and running with his walker on the other side of the page. Underneath the picture he wrote, "Thank you Jesus." The memory very was Luke 8:39 - "Go back to your home and tell everyone what great things God has done for you." This is what we plan to do next Sunday morning at Welcome Home Jonathan Day. We have planned a very special service of praise and thanksgiving to God for the miracle He has done in Jonathan's life. We also plan to tell everyone what God has done for us. Each of you are personally invited to this service and we hope you will come. We would love to meet each of you who have so faithfully prayed us through these last 4 months. You can get directions to the church at The service will begin at 10:30 am.
This week, please pray for Jonathan as he goes to another week of therapy. We received the new evaluation from our current PT this weekend and it states a therapy plan of up to six months. Pray that we will be patient and let God do things in His time and not be anxious about the thought of doing this for another six months. Pray that Jonathan will continue to work hard and have a good attitude about his therapy as well as his diabetes. Pray for continued strength in his walking and that he will be able to walk on his own soon. Pray that his mind will continue to develop and that we will continue to see the healing of his brain, vision, and diabetes. Pray for our strength and our family relationships. Pray that we would not allow Satan to move in and cause conflict within our family. The road ahead is still long and we get weary very quickly. Pray that we will all walk this road ahead together in the strength of the Lord. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Thank you for continuing to pray for us.

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