Monday, April 11, 2005

God continues to lead and control this journey we are on. Thank you again for your prayers for us today. They were heard and answered - again. I called the insurance this morning just to make sure that everything was in order as far as our outpatient therapy was concerned. I learned then that we would have to pay a $30 copay per therapy session per day, which means it would cost us $210 a week for his therapy. We prayed for wisdom and Jonathan and I prayed at lunch that God would lead us and let us know what we needed to do. As soon as we arrived, they began talking to us about the best way for us to accomplish Jonathan's therapy goals without such a tremendous cost to us. We have decided that PT is most important at this point and they are going to see if the insurance will allow a co-treatment without extra cost which will allow us to have OT at the same time as PT from time to time. We agreed that Jonathan is doing very well with speech issues as well as doing most of the self care goals already. If the insurance will not approve a co-treatment, ST and OT will do a home treatment plan and allow us to work with him and be accountable to them for his progress. This is exactly what we have been contemplating and were prepared to discuss with them. Once again, isn't God awesome! So we basically have narrowed down our therapy focus to PT which is most important at this time. We came right out and told the PT that we were Christians and that Jonathan was a miracle, and she told us she was a Christian also. What a blessing! Jonathan is doing so well at home. He is trying to do normal things more and more each day. We saw God's hand of protection along with that today. This morning Jonathan was sitting on the side of his bed, after his bath and putting on his clothes. He was looking at some pictures his sisters had colored for him and dropped them on the floor. He went to pick them up and fell off the bed. He had a baseball cap on which is what hit the dresser. He didn't even have a mark on his head. It did, however, scare him and his Mom. This evening he was in his chair waiting at the back door while Mom was looking in the freezer in the garage. He was trying to bend over and see her out the door, when his chair fell forward and stuck on the foot rests. Had his foot rests been over the threshold of the door, he would have fallen face down on the garage floor and probably hit the car on the way down. God has His hands of protection wrapped all around Jonathan, which reminds me that He will always take care of Jonathan, even when we can't.
Praise God for His continued leading and guiding in our lives. Praise Him for answered prayers. Praise Him for His constant protection. Pray that Jonathan will continue to progress in his walking. Each day he is getting more and more confident in his walking. It is an awesome sight to see. Pray that his self confidence will grow each day as well as his confidence in walking and doing things. Pray for his protection. We are anxious to see all that God is going to do with Jonathan and through Jonathan. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!

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