Thursday, April 7, 2005

Today was a good day. We started off the day with the Neuropsycologist. Since it was his last time, she let him pick whatever he wanted to do. He wanted to play a game of Chutes and Ladders, after that he wanted to do something new. She had a flannel board and walked through the story of the 3 bears and some nursery rhymes. After that Jonathan went back up stairs to get ready to go to the Dallas Zoo. He spent most of the day there and walked up and down stairs and around some places in the zoo. He used the monocle a lot and was able to see lots of animals much clearer. Elizabeth and Sarah came along and made the trip even more fun. After we returned from the zoo, Jonathan got his new walker that he is taking home. This caused much enthusiasm to get up and walk. Needless to say Jonathan walked quite a bit this evening. He also got a shower chair to help him with his showers. Tomorrow morning he will get the wheel chair, which we will rent for a little while. This will help with extra long walks and trips to Six Flags and other activities. Jonathan ended his stay with a fun day. We are so excited about coming home but know that there will be challenges to this phase of Jonathan's recovery.
Tomorrow will be COME HOME DAY. This will be the first time in 3 months that we will be together in our home as a family. We cannot wait and Jonathan talks about it a lot. We are asking that you wait until after this weekend to come by or call. We really want to get some rest and just be together and enjoy being together as a family. We really appreciate how you have responded to our request for pray and help and words cannot express our gratitude.
Again I would like to invite those in the DFW area to a Welcome Home Jonathan Service at our church. To get directions and information go to The service will be on May 1st and should be a great day of praise and rejoicing for what God has done and is doing in Jonathan's life.
Pray for us as we enter the next phase of recovery. Pray for Jonathan's new therapist. Pray that we would be able to witness to new families at a new facility that may not know Jonathan's situation. Pray for continued wisdom for what God has for our family. Most of all give praise to God, just because.

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