Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Today was a good day. We went back to Children's Medical Center for the first time since we left there in Feb. Jonathan had an appointment with the Endocrinologist and he did well. We had most of the doctors come in and see him while he was there, just to meet him and say hi. It was such a wonderful testimony of what God has done. Jonathan is doing incredibly well with his Type 1 diabetes. He never complains about the finger sticks or the insulin shots. He takes everything as though it were nothing. It is frustrating sometimes to try to understand how this works, especially when we have an off day for no reason. We have good doctors who watch things very closely and are working to tighten the control so that we stay in the "normal" range as often as possible. We continue to pray that God will heal Jonathan of the diabetes, but until he does, that God will continue to give him a good attitude and courage to face this. After spending some time in the doctor's office we went over to the 6th floor, which is the diabetes floor. Jonathan got to meet some of the nurses and techs that helped take care of him and everyone was so excited to see him. I don't think he knew what to think about all of what was going on, but he is such a people person that it didn't really matter. He doesn't really remember anything from Children's which is a blessing, but it was good for him to meet those that helped take care of him. Many of them are outspoken Christians who prayed with us while we were there and continue to pray for us. After spending some time on the 6th floor we ventured to the 12th floor, which is the ICU. Those nurses and doctor's rarely get to see the miracles and we thought we would let them meet one. It was so good that 2 of the nurses were on duty and got to talk with Jonathan. They even took a picture to hang up so that the others could see him. Although we did not get to see all of the nurses, doctors and techs that were involved in Jonathan's care, we did get to meet some. I think that we are going to try to schedule a time to go back to see the others. Everyone needs to meet a miracle. This evening was Jonathan's return to Awana Club at church. He received an Award of Merit from the Commander for his bravery and hard work in making it back to Awana. He passed two sections, got Awana lots of bucks and even had a chance to spend some of them. He is doing so well at church and he loves to be around people. The children have been such a blessing. They are so kind and attentive to him and all of them jump at the chance to help him with anything. He continues to do well in therapy. He is working on balance and strengthening his legs to be able to walk without the walker. It is just a matter of time.
Pray that Jonathan will continue to do well at home, church and therapy. Pray that his recovery will be quick and in God's time. Pray that we continue to get opportunities to tell his story and to witness to others. Pray for strength for Kristi as she has the brunt of the work during the day with Jonathan and getting him to and from therapy. Pray for those who see him and read about him that they would not see a little boy, but they would see God.

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