Tuesday, May 3, 2005

We have had a pretty good week so far this week. Jonathan did great in his therapy both days. On Monday he went and worked out on the machines in the gym. He did better on everything this week than last week. He rode 10 minutes on the stationary bike, and did a number of different exercises on another piece of equipment that included working both his arms and legs. He really did a good job with it. Today he did some different things in the office working his stomach muscles, balancing, and walking without his walker. His therapist seems very pleased with his progress. We continue to work with him at home to do more things on his own, walk more without his walker and use his wheelchair less. I am pleased to say that we have accomplished the potty training issue, day and night. We are very proud of him and very thankful that he has been able to do so well with this, only three weeks after being home. He continues to work on school work and help around the house and is doing it all very well. Our only set back right now is that Jonathan and Mom both came down with a cold today. This is the first time Jonathan has had any kind of sickness since he went to the hospital 4 months ago. That is truly an incredible blessing from God. We are taking every precaution with his diabetes to keep a close eye on him and working to get rid of it as soon as possible. Other than that, we are doing very well.
Please pray for our health, especially Jonathan's. He is doing very well, but you can see it in his eyes that he does not feel well. Pray that his cold will go away soon and he wll be able to remain healthy. Pray for continued strength in his legs, his balancing and walking more on his own without his walker. Pray especially for his right leg and foot. Continue to pray for healing of his brain, vision and diabetes. God is so good to us and we see His continued faithful provision for us every day. Thank you for continuing to pray for us.

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