Friday, May 20, 2005

I apologize for missing the update yesterday. Jonathan is doing great. He continues to make progress every day. He is doing awesome on his walking. We continue to work with him to help him relax when he walks so that he can walk steady without losing his balance, without holding on to things. Our Wednesday night activities are finished for the summer, so Jonathan is spending some time with Dad on Wednesday nights while Mom goes to choir. On Thursday, he did a fabulous job at his aquatics therapy. His therapist told me that she was looking back over his original evaluation and that he has really come a long way. His balance is getting so much better. He is able to step up and down on the steps in the pool without holding on and balancing all by himself. His knees are locking less and less and he is able to do the stairs at home with much less help. We are very thankful for his progress and very proud of how well he is handling these challenges.
Please continue to pray for Jonathan. Continue to pray for increased strength in his right leg and foot, as well as his stomach muscles. Please continue to pray for his attitude and his state of mind. Pray for contentment and peace and that he will be able to handle things when they are different than he wants. Pray for protection for our family. Pray that we will not let Satan distract us or discourage us with things that would turn our attention away from the path which God has called us to journey down.
This Sunday evening, May 22, we have the opportunity to share in a praise service at First Baptist Church Dallas. This is our home church and members of both of our families still attend there. This church has faithfully prayed for us and have been a significant part of Jonathan's miracle healing, as all of you have. We have the chance to once again give honor and glory to the Lord for the great things he has done in our family. Satan is working overtime to hinder this time of praise, so please be in prayer for the service. Pray for Jonathan as he will have the opportunity to say thank you. Pray that God will be glorified through the praises of His people. You are all welcome to come and share in this praise service as well. The service starts at 6 pm. You can get information and directions at their website: Thank you for your prayers.

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