Sunday, May 1, 2005

God is so good. He continues to bless us with new progress every day. It's been since Wednesday that I wrote, so let me update you on the rest of our week. Jonathan did great again at his aquatics therapy on Thursday. He continues to have 45 minute classes and handles everything very well. His balance is getting better and better every day. On Friday and Saturday, Jonathan hardly used his walker at all. He is getting up and down and walking while holding on to things to get around on his own. He can get out of the car before I have a chance to turn it off and get around to help him. He seems to do even better walking while holding someone's hand than he does using his walker. On Saturday, we had the privilege of going and sharing Jonathan's story with a group of Christian medical professionals who were meeting for a convention at Criswell College where Lamar's Father serves as a VP. Jonathan had a chance to speak and we had a chance to share our experience and to let them know how important the Christian doctor is not only to the unbeliever, but to the believer as well. It was a very special time for us. But Welcome Home Jonathan Day was the most special time for our family. We have been looking forward to this special day since the beginning of the year. It was such a precious service of praise to the Father for His grace and mercy to us, His unfailing love and His incredible power to answer prayer and to heal. Jonathan, Elizabeth, Sarah and I were able to share of God's faithful goodness that never ceases in the song "For the Lord is Good" that we sang while Lamar played guitar. It is a special gift we have been able to give back to the Lord to share in music together as a family. I was able to share our gratitude to God and to everyone who prayed us through these months through song while we watched the progressive miracle through pictures on a power point presentation. Lamar was able to share some of what God has taught us through this journey of prayer and faith when he brought the message, his first time to preach. It was a moving day for us and our families. We were blessed to have many of you there to celebrate this day and we are grateful for your presence. We were doubly blessed to have our Endocrine doctor, Dr. Adikari, as well as our three faithful therapists from Our Children's House at Baylor, Mrs. Ronnee, Mrs. Stefani and Mrs. Jennifer there to celebrate with us. It is a day we will cherish forever.
Thank you to all of you who have prayed us through these last 4 months. We covet your continued prayers for us as our journey is not yet complete. Pray that Jonathan will continue to gain strength in his legs and balance so that he can walk without his walker. Pray specifically for his right leg and foot. Pray that the desire to do things on his own will continue to increase. Please pray for his eating and his diabetes. While it is wonderful that he has gained weight and is eating so well, pray that all of that will level out to a healthy weight and good eating habits. Pray that his blood sugars will be regulated and that he will have a good attitude about his diabetes care. We continue to pray believing, with Jonathan, that God is going to heal him of his diabetes, but we are faithfully taking proper care and Jonathan remains very brave until God brings that to pass in his life. Continue to pray for his vision and that God will help us find the right doctor to deal with this area of need. Pray for us as the girls try to finish up school for the year and for Jonathan as we try to catch us in his schooling. Also, pray for Jonathan that he will not worry and be fearful of being away from one of us, including his sisters. Pray that he will know God's arms of love and security are always around him, even when one of us must be away from him. We are humbled by your continued prayers for us and by God's faithful answers to all of them. We love you all.

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