Sunday, May 29, 2005

I apologize for missing the update last week. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We were pretty busy last week. We spent the day Wednesday, cleaning up from the birthday party and learning how to ride one of Jonathan's favorite toys he got for his birthday. He got a "Scream Machine" which is pretty much a big wheel that has a small motor so you can pedal and use the motor to make it go. This gives him the chance to feel like he is riding both his bike as well as his electric motor scooter that he has not gotten to ride since last year. Another advantage is that it is low to the ground so that helps him feel more secure. He had no trouble figuring out how to ride it and it was great to see him being able to do it on his own. He had a great pool therapy on Thursday, and Daddy got to come see him do that. On Friday, we had an appointment to go back to Our Children's House in Dallas to visit Dr. McDonald. On our way to do that we had to stop by and get his leg braces adjusted because he has grown quite a bit since he first got them. After we did that we went to Our Children's House and got to see all Jonathan's therapist and many of his nurses. We didn't, however, get to see the doctor because someone forgot to put the appointment on his schedule and he was not there. We did get to see the other doctor, Dr. Beard, who fills in when Dr. McDonald is out. Everyone was very pleased with Jonathan's progress. Jonathan continues to do very well. He is walking better every day. He is interacting better with people. He continues to eat well and we are still working on his blood sugars. We had set a personal goal with Jonathan to be able to walk without his walker by his birthday. While he doesn't permanently walk without it, he has reached his goal and he is able to walk without his walker. Each day he does more and more on his own. In our house, you can make a circle around the downstairs through the kitchen, family room, entry way, and dining room. Today he walked the circle several times without his walker. He picks things up, helps me in the kitchen, gets out things for his meals and many other things while balancing very well. Our new personal goal is that he can permanently walk without his walker by July 4. With God, all things are possible!
Continue to pray for Jonathan. Pray for continued strength in his legs and stomach muscles. Pray for increased ability to walk backwards and side to side. The therapist says these are the hardest and last muscles to regain, so we are working on that. Continue to pray for his eating, that we will be able to regulate his sugar, his eating and his weight. Pray for his mental healing and that he will continue to progress mentally to his age again. Pray that he will continue to have determination and motivation to work hard and try more things on his own. He is doing awesome and we are so thankful for all he has been able to accomplish through the Lord's strength. Thank you for your continued prayers. We are grateful for them all.

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