Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I am excited to share with you the little blessings we have enjoyed already this week. On Monday, we spent the morning at home before we went to therapy in the early afternoon. After having lunch on the back porch, Jonathan asked me if I would help him swing on the tree fort we have in our backyard. So after helping him walk out there, Jonathan spent some time swinging with his sisters on the two different swings we have. He did just fine on both of them and was not bothered at all by the motion. After swinging for a while, he climbed up the few rings that lead to the fort and slid down the slide. This is the first time he has played on these toys in the backyard. It was such a joy to watch him. He did a great job in his therapy class working on the exercise equipment in the gym. After we got home, some of our closest Home School friends called and asked us to come swim in their neighborhood pool. Jonathan was thrilled at that idea and so we quickly made our way to their pool. I think it was the most insane thing we could have done because this was not the hottest day here in Texas and the pool water was ice cold, but there was no way I could tell him no. He walked right into the water and swam for about an hour. This pool is only 3-4 foot deep, so he was able to walk across the pool without holding on to anything and he never lost his balance. He put on a snorkle mask and tube and swam back and forth across the pool several times. This was another first for him and something we plan to do regularly for some great exercise. After dinner, Jonathan was up walking around by himself with his walker. He came into the kitchen to announce to us that he thought he could run with his walker. So we walked along beside him while he attempted to run back and forth through the house with his walker. It was more like a fast walk, but we also tried running in place while holding his walker, which he did very well. This was another "first" thing for Jonathan. What an awesome blessing this day was for us! No major accomplishments, but little precious blessing God has allowed us to see again of this incredible miracle of healing He is doing in Jonathan's life. Jonathan did a great job at therapy on Tuesday and continues to walk holding our hand, balancing better and better every day.
Please continue to pray for Jonathan as he works to strengthen his legs and walk on his own. This is such a slow and tedious process, but we see improvement each day as we watch him live his life. He has not used his wheelchair in the house since last Thursday. He continues to try to do more and more things on his own each day. Pray for his balance. When I ask you to pray specifically for his right leg and foot, it is because it is his weaker side. It is getting stronger each day, but remains pretty weak and difficult to use. Pray that this leg will get stronger and that his muscles with get stronger so that his knees will not lock, so that he can walk on his own, and so that he can get out of his braces soon. Continue to pray for him as he deals with the reality of his diabetes. This is hard for a child to understand, but he is doing well. He continues to ask questions and wants to know why he has to have a shot every time he eats. I don't know that he has comprehended it all yet, so pray for peace of mind, a good attitude about it, and grace to deal with it until the Lord brings healing. Praise God for all these little signs of life! Our God is an awesome God!

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