Monday, January 31, 2005

Jonathan had another rough day today. He cried a lot and may be having continued stomach cramps. They are going to start giving him something to help. He did start moving his head a lot today. He is moving if from side to side as if to shake his head No. The past few days he has done some head movement but today he did a lot of it. His blood sugars have been great and they are pleased with his diabetes. They are looking toward the end of the week moving him to The Children's house at Baylor. This will present a new challenge and a new stage in Jonathan's recovery. Please be in prayer for Jonathan and pray that we can continue to stand on God's word and healing for Jonathan.
Also, continue to pray for Elizabeth and Sarah, who both recently have been sick. They are having to deal with an adult situation at a very young age and they need all the prayer support that they can get. God has been good and faithful and we are trusting for His continued guidance as we move into the next phase of Jonathan's journey.

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