Tuesday, January 11, 2005

3:00 pm - They made a last minute decision not to pull Jonathan's breathing tube because of some swelling he had in his throat. They are giving him some additional medication to remove the swelling and plan to remove it tomorrow. We know God is guiding the process. Continue interceding with us.

1:00 pm - Please pray for Jonathan over the next few hours. They plan to pull the breathing tube at 2:00 pm. Pray God will guide the Cooper family and the nurses and doctors making decision related to Jonathan. May God guide each step of this process for His glory.

8:00 am - We are asking for a united prayer focus this morning as they plan to take the breathing tube out around noon today. He has been breathing on his own since yesterday afternoon and the desired result is that he will not need the breathing tube any longer. Please join us in praying this morning and during the lunch hour when the neurologist will be arriving for consultation with the Coopers.

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