Wednesday, January 26, 2005

11:00 pm - We had another good day today. After a rough night in which he cried most of it, we had a very good morning. Jonathan had his eyes open from about 9 am to 12 pm. They started working on the switch from continuous feeding to the bolus feeding by changing to 3 hours food, 1 hour off. During the 1 hour off, we put him in the wheelchair and took him downstairs to see the trains. While we were down there and close to some large windows, he opened his eyes wide when we got close to the sunshine. It was awesome! He made some new moves during physical therapy. He moved his hands on his own when touched with some ice. He also moved his legs a little as well. During speech therapy, he opened his mouth when she asked him to as well as chewed on a rubber brush. We had him up and out of the room at least 3 times. We tried to keep him up more so he would sleep better tonight. They made another move to 2 hours feed, 2 hours off this evening. My instinct is to worry about the reflux as the feedings get more per hour, so I am praying myself through that. So far, after one 2 on/2 off feeding, we are doing pretty well.

Important Prayer Needs:

His eyes have been opened more today than previous days. Please continue to pray that God will open his eyes more every day. Also pray that he will be able to tolerate the feeding as we work toward four 1 hour feedings (3 hours off) without any reflux. If he should begin to reflux, we will have to go to the stomach tube.

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