Sunday, January 2, 2005

The Cooper family is so thankful for the many expressions of love that they have received during the past few days.

4:00 pm - After additional tests today they have discovered that Jonathan's brain stem has severe damage. It will take a miracle from our Lord for the stem to repair itself and there is no option for any type of surgery at this point. They plan to monitor Jonathan's condition this week before making any decisions regarding life support. Please pray for Jonathan's deliverance during these days. Ask God for wisdom and guidance as the Cooper's seek God's divine plan fulfilled in Jonathan's life. Pray in faith for God's intervention.

10:00 am - Jonathan had a good night with no complications. The family is still waiting for additional signs that Jonathan is coming out of the coma. Today is another important day in Jonathan's recovery process. Please pray for a full recovery that will result in many glorifying God.

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